"I was aprehensive about going back to work part time, but TUSDPREO/ESI help make the transition very smooth."
-Pete Weiss

"The TUSD PREO/ESI Program has allowed me to replace worn and outdated appliances for my home, be generous with my family, and it ALMOST makes my income commensurate with my 60 hour work week!"
-Katrina Smits Principal Borton Magnet School

"Thanks to ESI, my retirement years have turned from stressful to very enjoyable and carefree!"
-Cecilia Chavarín, teacher.

"Working for ESI at the same job I love, feels like TUSD just gave me a 50% bonus for my 36 years( all my years ) of service. I (feel) am finally getting paid what I am worth!"
-Joanne, Special Ed Teacher

"I am paying off bills. Hope to have my house all done before I “really” retire! The folks at ESI have done a great job explaining everything. They respond to questions very quickly."
-Nancy Mueller

"I've been able to put all of my retirement pension checks into savings so far and will pay off my braces before the end of the year. ESI has been wonderful about handling religious leave for the Jewish High Holy Days."
-Caryl Crowell, 2nd-3rd grade teacher

"If you're still going to teach this is the best way to do it! Work and get paid 50% more."
-Cheryl Science Teacher TUSD