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Enroll in COBRA (maximum of 18 months). COBRA allows you to continue any current coverage of medical, dental, vision and EAP (if you wish) via the election process. Please know that there are strict rules regarding when payments are due while on COBRA – if you miss a payment you will be cancelled and there is no way to "get back on" COBRA.
COBRA is not a new health plan – it simply is a continuation of the benefits you had with TUSD, using the same providers and plan coverages that TUSD active members have. If TUSD changes any of the providers or has a cost increase in the new Benefit Year, these changes are also made in the COBRA coverage. You will also be entitled to change coverage during TUSD's Open Enrollment period, in August 2012.
According to Federal COBRA rules, if you become eligible for another plan, including Medicare, you are obligated to notify the COBRA vendor, and your COBRA coverage will be stopped. However, if you are already Medicare eligible, then your ability to be enrolled in COBRA is not impacted.
The Premium Benefit Option offset discussed in #2 is also available to use under COBRA. It does take 2-4 months for ASRS to process this offset and once it begins your account can be credited.
For all other COBRA regulations, please be sure to read your COBRA Notice thoroughly to be sure you understand all the information, and your rights under COBRA.
Current COBRA Rates (2011-12)

Enroll in ASRS' plan(s) (within 31 days of your retirement). ASRS offers a variety of education opportunities:
https://www.azasrs.gov/web/MemberEducation.do. You may also be eligible to offset your costs using the ASRS Premium Benefit Option.
Enroll in your spouse's plan
Enroll in an Individual Plan
ASRS Premium Benifit Information (Referred to in Option 2 above) - See https://www.azasrs.gov/web/HealthInsurance.do for more information.