Getting Started

man comp envelope handshake

1. Review the information here.

2. Discuss with ASRS (years of service, estimated pension pay, etc.)

3. Discuss with and get approval from Supervisor

4. Apply online at ESI: Online Application

5. Complete an Intent to Separate Form PDF. Please write "PREO/ESI" at the top!

6. Complete the "TUSD PREO Request to Participate" Form (In PDF)

7. Give the completed "Intent to Separate" form to your Supervisor. Ask him/her to complete a TUSD "PAF" (Personnel Action Form) and PREO and submit BOTH forms to Human Resources at 1010. Your supervisor should include whether or not he/she recommends approval in the PAF Comments section. This should be shown by the Supervisor as "Recommend Approval" or "Do Not Recommend Approval"

8. TUSD will review the PAF and begin the process of notifying ESI of the position requirements in order for ESI to issue you a contract.
Note: You will be required to submit timesheets while working for ESI.